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Life is filled with unforgettable moments. Bead Your Moment captures these precious times in unique handcrafted beads. Each bead is created of bits and pieces from your treasured occasion. Invitations, photographs, cards, ribbons, fabric, programs, ticket stubs, and more can all be used to immortalize your moments. The beads will be made out of your item and fashioned into a distinctive piece of jewelry.

Bead Your Moment's photo gallery of Transformations provides a sampling of the many delightful ways we have helped others capture precious moments in their lives.

Transform mementos...

Many Bead Your Moment, or "BYM", beads can be made out of forms of paper such as cards, invitations, wrapping paper, tickets, and programs. Other memento BYM beads are made from fabric such as ribbons, clothing, ties, scarves etc. Even if your memento is more unusual such as foil, nylon or lace, we will create a bead. If you can roll it, we can bead it!

Transform pictures...

How many photographs do you have shut away in albums, computers, cameras or smartphones? Why not wear your photos in the form of unique BYM beads which allow your memories to quietly come to life with a small personal glance, or be shown off to share your stories with others. We will generate a beadable copy of your picture and return the original to you or you may send it to us as a computer file.

Transform the Times you love, are thankful for, want to share, remember and...Treasure!

Click to see some great Bead Your Moment ideas.

Your handmade BYM beads are coated with special glazes to harden, shine and give them some water resistance. They are then beaded along with other precious stones, glass, crystal, metal or wood beads to create beautiful, custom jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and pins. They may also be used to create interesting gifts such as letter openers, pens, key chains or bookmarks.

Our online shopping cart is coming soon. Please contact us, we can take your order!

Transform the Times of your life into tangible Treasures!

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